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BBC News - Business
The latest stories from the Business section of the BBC News web site.
BBC News - Business
  • Yahoo buys app analytics firm Flurry
    Yahoo acquires an app analytics firm, Flurry, in an attempt to help boost its advertising revenue from smartphones.
  • PPI 'dominates complaints data'
    Up to 5,000 new complaints a week about payment protection insurance (PPI) are making their way to the financial ombudsman, but the numbers are falling.
  • The EU's nuclear links with Russia
    The EU's dependence on Russian-designed power plants
  • A company born out of frustration
    How one man's failure to get a cab drove him to try to fix the problem
  • Can drones tackle wildlife poaching?
    How drones may be used to fight wildlife poaching in Africa
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    Prohalls Alliance Bank, with its wide correspondent relationship with major banks in the world is totally capable to meet your needs of foreign currency transactions and foreign trade services. You can open and maintain Accounts in foreign currencies like US Dollar, Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen and even in Euro with us. With its own Dealing Room, Prohalls Alliance Bank is able to offer you competitive Exchange Rate for all major currencies of the world.

    FA Account

    Completed Account opening Form signed by the account holder/s and introduced by an existing customer who has a relationship with us at least for 6 months.

    Photograph/s of the signatory/ies /account holders duly attested by the introducer.

    Form QA- 22 (in duplicate)

    Copy of work permit from Ministry of Industries (where applicable)

    Documented proof of address verification to be retained with the mandate. This is also applicable for.

    To open an account when the person not being present personally i.e. in a non-face to face scenario is to obtain at least one additional form of evidence (e.g. copy of utility bills/bank statements/tax clearance certificate/ employer letter/home visit) over and above what would have been obtained in the corresponding face to face situation.

    Local Legal & Compliance should be consulted, in case of doubt on the acceptable identification evidence for a particular customer type.

    Local Legal & Compliance should be consulted, in case of doubt on the acceptable identification evidence for a particular customer type.




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  • Hey Internet, where's my talking city?
    Years ago, experts told the world that the Internet would radically change our cities. A lot of us are still waiting.
  • American burger invasion
    American burger joints have sprung up all over London, but how to know which ones are best? Jim Boulden investigates.
  • Publicly shaming customers service fails
    David Wheeler says the next time you get a difficult customer representative, think about recording the call.
  • Iran hotels win in tourism boom
    A successful marketing campaign has pushed up Iran's visitor numbers by more than 200 percent in the past year.
  • Saudi company opens bakeries
    Saudi Arabian Bateel brand is best known for its delectable dates but it now has more than a dozen cafes and a new bakery in the works.