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BBC News - Business
The latest stories from the Business section of the BBC News web site.
BBC News - Business
  • Co-op Group votes through reforms
    Members of the troubled Co-operative Group vote overwhelmingly in favour of reforming how the business is run.
  • Rogue landlords 'must face crackdown'
    Housing experts are calling for minimum standards in the private rental market to prevent landlords from exploiting vulnerable tenants.
  • Life in a rented wreck
    What's it like living in a substandard home?
  • IMF voices 'confidence' in Lagarde
    The International Monetary Fund reaffirms its support for its leader Christine Lagarde despite her being investigated in a high-profile case in France.
  • How your landlord could be a brand
    How your landlord could soon be a corporate brand
  • Home Global Services

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    Form QA- 22 (in duplicate)

    Copy of work permit from Ministry of Industries (where applicable)

    Documented proof of address verification to be retained with the mandate. This is also applicable for.

    To open an account when the person not being present personally i.e. in a non-face to face scenario is to obtain at least one additional form of evidence (e.g. copy of utility bills/bank statements/tax clearance certificate/ employer letter/home visit) over and above what would have been obtained in the corresponding face to face situation.

    Local Legal & Compliance should be consulted, in case of doubt on the acceptable identification evidence for a particular customer type.

    Local Legal & Compliance should be consulted, in case of doubt on the acceptable identification evidence for a particular customer type.




    Account Details

    Fund Transfer

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  • How trashed leather saves lives
    Southwest Airlines has enough surplus leather to fill the Empire State Building. The airline is using it to save Africa.
  • Can Erdogan save Turkish economy?
    Recep Tayyip Erdogan was officially sworn in as Turkey's new president Thursday after comfortably winning the country's first fully public vote to decide its head of state earlier this month. But can the once fast growing emerging nation rediscover its economic zeal?
  • Turkey's presidential future
    John Defterios looks at the country's economic future after Erdogan's move from prime minister to president.
  • The business of being Angelina
    Brad and Angelina tied the knot. Here's how much the bride is worth.
  • India's growth rate hits 2-year high
    CNN's India Bureau Chief Ravi Agrawal explains why India's growth rate has ticked up.